Zimbra mailbox backup script

Dec. 28, 2013


Over the last 2 weeks, I tried a Zimbra Collaboration Suite (Open Source Edition). And before going into production mode, I wanted to perform some mailbox backup/restore tests.

After some searches, I found this page on the Zimbra wiki which contains some backup/restore script. I downloaded the script written by Richardson Lima called “zimbraBackupAllAccounts.sh”, then I started adapting the script to my needs.

As I finished my switch to Zimbra, I added this script in the prebackup script on my BackupPC server.

And I thought I could share this modified script, so I created a github repository and gave him a nice name. It’s now called zimbashckup (for Zimbra Bash Backup).

It operates in a non-interactive way (to be launched in the cron task or by a backup system) and can perform per folder backups. Which is useful when we only want to restore a folder instead of the whole mailbox.

This script can backup the full mailbox (Briefcase contents, address book, calendar) and even the filters exported to the sieve format (thanks to Hackman61 for the idea).

However, when an object is share, only the original owner version is backed up (it’s a zmmailbox limit).

For the remaining features, I think the README file is readable enough :).

The GIT repository is here : https://github.com/davromaniak/zimbashckup

Thanks !!