Debian/Ubuntu package building using virtual machines

Nov. 29, 2011


As you know, I often work on Debian package building.

For some months now, the DDB provides packages for others architecures (powerpc and mips).

For the basic architectures (amd64, i386 and armel), I have physical machines for building, but for powerpc and mips, I use QEMU virtual machines.

As it took some time to create them, I decided to distribute them.

Every virtual machine is pre-configured using this article posted on March 2011, and pbuilders are created for Debian Lenny, Squeeze, Wheezy, Sid and Ubuntu Hardy, Karmic, Lucid, Maverick, Natty, Oneiric, Precise. Also, a README file containing all information for launching machines.

So here they are :

here are the MD5 sums, to check if the download went well :

To conclude, I thank Aurélien Jarno (aurel32), because he distributes QEMU virtual machines for most architectures, which served as base for these building machines.