The Intriging 10 (INT10) - Week 2

Sep. 12, 2012

Every week, I will pick 10 college football games which will feature at least one FBS program. These games won’t feature powerhouse programs and the stakes will be different from games between two powerhouse programs.

I will give my opinion on every game with an ironic side. These comments will be about the game itself and/or the teams, according to the stakes of the game.

For every team, I will give the conference they are member of.

The first team is the home team

University of Texas at San Antonio (FBS WAC) 27 - 16 Texas A&M Commerce (DII Lone Star Conference)

Sean Ianno !! Sean Ianno !! Good game with 2/2 FGs (34 ad 46 yards) and 3 XP. A solid game for UTSA with 3 TD (2 rushing and 1 passing). Next week, they travel to the Georgia Dome to take on Georgia State University.

Buffalo (FBS MAC) 56 - 34 Morgan State (FCS MEAC)

Yep, this was a game between a FBS and a FCS team…

Florida International (FBS Sun Belt) 41 - 38 Akron (FBS MAC)

Hmmm, Akron is better than expected… or FIU is worth than expected. Maybe Akron could win 2 games this season, starting next week with Morgan State.

Georgia Tech (FBS ACC) 59 - 3 Presbyterian College (FCS Big South)

Squash !!!! How much GT officials paid for this training session ?

UNLV (FBS MWC) 14 - 17 Northern Arizona (FCS Big Sky)

DAMN !!! Why UNLV is so bad this season ? Northern Arizona is not a FCS powerhouse, I really thought UNLV would win this game by at least 10 points… but players seems to have forgotten a football game last for 4 quarters, not 2. It was Northern Arizona’s first win against an FBS team in 25 years. Next week, UNLV takes on Washington State (FBS PAC12) for (I think) another loss.

Arizona (FBS PAC-12) 59 - 38 Oklahoma State (FBS BIG12)

Maybe Oklahoma State needs to pay opponents to win games… I thought the real test would be against Texas next week, but it happened earlier… Congrats to Arizona players, for showing Oklahoma State players what a real football is.

Colorado State (FBS MWC) 7 - 22 North Dakota State (FCS Big Sky)

I think North Dakota State deserve a place in the FBS with this win. They are the best program in FCS this season, and I place them in the FCS playoff finals. Colorado State don’t have to be ashamed by this loss. It was a great match by North Dakota State and the score reflect this.

Bowling Green (FBS MAC) 21 - 13 Idaho (FBS WAC)

At least, Idaho played better than last week, but they faced a better opponent than last week… The not so long road to the Big Sky goes on, and stops by Baton-Rouge next week, with LSU (FBS SEC) welcoming (or squashing) them. Idaho fans might have to wait until October 13th to see their team winning a game, when they will travel to San Marcos, TX to play against Texas State (FBS WAC).

Western Michigan (FBS MAC) 52 - 21 Eastern Illinois (FCS OVC)

WMU players can thank Eastern Illinois for being a FCS program. The game wasn’t enjoyable to watch, with too many approximations by their QB.

Eastern Michigan (FBS MAC) 14 - 31 Illinois State (FCS MVFC)

With this game, I don’t see how Eastern Michigan can win this season. If they don’t wake up, they will finish this season like 2009 and 2010 seasons finished (0-12 and 2-10).

See you next week !!