SFS Update

Aug. 8, 2009

A tool for phpbb forum administrators


10 months ago, I started hosting a friend’s phpbb forum. Of course, I’m the administrator of the technical side of the forum

6 months ago, in order to try to protect the forum from spammers’ assaults, I manually updated the bans list from the Stop Forum Spam website, which provides a SQL file for phpbb forums.

However, this is repetitive and annoying, and today I decided to automate this task. So a little script is born.

I also decided to publish it under a free software licence (the GNU GPL), maybe some other admins may use this script.

This program will not work on web-hosting which do not propose a remote shell access.

This is the 0.1 version of this program, for now he’s unable to connect to a remote MySQL server (this feature will be included in the 0.2 version)

Here are the links for download:

The installation howto is written in the README file included in the archive.

If you have any idea, feel free to contact me using the contact form.