SFS Update comes back with a 0.2 version

Mar. 6, 2010

And the 0.3 is announced.


A new version of this useful little shell script.

The major new feature is the support of phpbb 3 forums (the connect strings evolves to set the forum engine used)

It wasn’t actually hard, but it marks an important step forward and the beginnings of the 0.3 version.

The other changes are a bug fix, and the change of the downloading URL.

Indeed, in order not to annoy the stopforumspam’s webmaster, I decided to host the phpbb_bans.zip file used in the script. It’s synchronised once a day, at 6:10 am french time (5:10 am GMT).

Now, let’s talk about the 0.3 version.

Actually, the work has already begun few days ago because I had some time to work on it

I decided to include the support of 14 forum engines which are released under a GPL licence, which are listed below, and for some, the progress status.

I also decided to drop the configuration file support in the 0.3 version to make SFS Update a real standalone script et easier to set it in a cronized task.

By the way, if you are using or simply know other forum engines (using a SQL database) released under a GPL licence or any opensource licence, I’m open to work on it.

And if you are the administrator of one of these forum engines and you have a ssh remote access and all the requirements SFS Update needs, don’t hesitate to try using the script, and send me your impressions on it, and even some bugs, :).

Until I receive some feedback, the support of these 14 forum engines will be marked as experimental, waiting for a confirmation of the reliable working of SFS Update for these forums.

Here are the links for download: sfs_update-0.2.tar.bz2

I hope SFS Update will be useful for you and your forum.