SFS Update 0.3pre : a sneak peek of the 0.3

Mar. 24, 2010


Few weeks ago, SFS Update 0.2 was released, with some promises for the 0.3.

In order to contain your impatience and to show what the 0.3 will look like, I decided to release a preliminary version of the 0.3, which supports a part of the forum engines listed on the last article.dernier billet.

Here is a list of the forum engines which are supported by the 0.3pre version :

I had to dismiss the idea of supporting these forum engines :

SFS Update 0.3 will support the following forum engines (depending on the feasibility) :

0.3 release will also mark the opening of a public GIT for this project, so that anybody will be able to improve and contribute to SFS Update

Here are the links for download : sfs_update-0.3pre.tar.bz2

If you notice any bug or defect, feel free to contact me.