SFS Update 0.1.1

Aug. 10, 2009

A little upgrade


Here is a new minor version of SFS Update, which is now in version 0.1.1.

It appears that I wanted to stop using grep in order to remove a requirement and to make this tool faster.

For now, SFS Update doesn’t work with phpbb v3, because the file given by StopForumSpam uses the table structure of phpbb v2. This will be corrected in a next release.

Here are the links for download:

Information: I decided to use the 0.x versions as major releases, and 0.x.y for minor upgrades.

Besides, not to “pollute” the planet.ubuntu.com with post about every upgrade of SFS Update, I created a tag SFSUpdate, which will contain posts about this tool. The post about major versions will have the planet.ubuntu.com tag (this post is the last to talk about a minor version to appear in planet.ubuntu.com)

That’s all, folks, :).