OWFS : Debian and Ubuntu packages

Mar. 7, 2011


OWFS is a free software suite, licensed under GPL. It’s an easy and reliable way to use the 1-wire system from Maxim, which controls a widespread range of devices (sensors for temperature, moisture, luminosity, door openning/closing, and many more, even LCD screens).

Today, I sent a mail to the OWFS mailing list, which makes the release official, here is the mail :

Hi everybody.

In the company which I’m working for, we use 1-wire for more than 18 months.

We use it in our server rooms, to monitor the temperature in it (and send alerts when it’s too hot) and we plan to monitor temperatures in the offices.

As we use Debian on our servers, I worked to make packages for making the installation easier.

At the beginning, packages where a little rough, but we decided to give back what the owfs community gave us, and to help this project by publicly releasing these packages.

So I cleaned the packages, and now, by this mail, I’m releasing them.

Packages are available the following versions of Debian and Ubuntu :

So now, some explanation about the packages.

For the moment, I do not package owperl, owmon, owtap, owphp, owcapi, owpython, owtcl , owftpd and owhttpd.

However, packages for owftpd and owhttpd might come later, maybe with a 2.8p8 depending on the time I can take on packaging.

For the other packages, they will come when I will have enough time to do a clean packaging.

Here is the packages list (available in versions 2.8p6 and 2.8p7 if not indicated) :

So if you need the server and the clients, install owfs-server and owfs-client (it will install owfs-common and libow-2.8-6 or libow-2.8-7 depending on which version you are installing). If you need the fuse filesystem, only install owfs (it will also install the dependencies needed).

All information you need is on the repository website (updated after every package update) : http://owfs.davromaniak.eu/

I would like to thank Paul Alfille for his work on OWFS, and all the other contributors for their respective work.

Also, I had to patch the sources for having full compliance to the Debian Policy, Paul, I will mail you later today or tomorrow to share these patches.

If you detect any problem, feel free to mail me, or mail the mailing list.


The repository is available here : http://owfs.davromaniak.eu/

By the way, I may work on including these packages to Debian/Ubuntu official repositories. I will keep you informed on the evolution.