New logo for my website/blog

Jul. 14, 2009

thanks to a fairy

Hi everybody.

As you can see, my website/blog has a new logo.

Yep I know this post doesn’t completely talks about Ubuntu and Free Software, but it’s a new start for my blog, and the story behind this new logo completely deals with Ubuntu and Canonical.

The former logo, which was composed of the Debian and the Ubuntu logos didn’t meet the logo usage guidelines of the Ubuntu Trademark Policy. In order to meet these rules and not to set the bad example, I decided to create a new logo.

This logo was not drew by myself. A little fairy named Anita Mazur, which has gained a little spot in my heart, drew the entire logo based on our common ideas and design.

This one of a kind logo mixes the old with the contemporary. Will you find his meaning ?

Anita did a terrific job, because she worked with only ideas, I didn’t draw any sketch. Despite this, no corrections were needed, and the first version was the good one

After getting a spot in my heart, through this logo, she now has a little spot in my blog. Before maybe getting the occasion to write in my blog, or in is own one near mine’s.

She has a Deviant Art page, go and see photos and drawings she made.

Try to find the meaning of this logo, those who will succeed won’t win anything, except our respect and recognition, :D.