The Intriging 10 (INT10) - Week 3

Sep. 18, 2012

Every week, I will pick 10 college football games which will feature at least one FBS program. These games won’t feature powerhouse programs and the stakes will be different from games between two powerhouse programs.

I will give my opinion on every game with an ironic side. These comments will be about the game itself and/or the teams, according to the stakes of the game.

For every team, I will give the conference they are member of.

The first team is the home team

Miami (FBS ACC) 38 - 10 Bethune-Cookman (FCS MEAC)

I thought Miami would blast Bethune-Cookman, but they only win the game without any fuss.

Vanderbilt (FBS SEC) 58 - 0 Presbyterian (FCS Big South)

SQUASH !!!! I want a game between Presbyterian and Savannah State :D.

Akron (FBS MAC) 66 - 6 Morgan State (FCS MEAC)

Whether Akron played up to their level in this game whether Morgan State is a very very bad team. I think Akron players had the occasion to show up and they did it well.

Syracuse (FBS Big East) 28 - 17 Stony Brook (FCS Big South)

What !? Stony Brook is not a team from the FBS. It’s a shame for Syracuse to beat them by only 11 points. Maybe next week Minnesota will win its 4th consecutive game this season.

Iowa (FBS BIG10) 27 - 16 Northern Iowa (FCS MVC)

Even if Northern Iowa is one of the big programs of the FCS, I’m still surprised by the inability of BIG10 teams to play up to their levels against Northern Iowa and record close wins.

Minnesota (FBS BIG 10) 28 - 23 Western Michigan (FBS MAC)

Yeah !! 3rd consecutive win, but it was hard. They might win against Syracuse next week but the remaining of their schedule (the BIG10 conference games) will be though.

Wisconsin (FBS BIG10) 16 - 14 Utah State (FBS WAC)

Poor poor BIG10. Wisconsin lost against Oregon State last week, and here they win by 2 points against Utah State. What’s next ? Being squashed by Penn State on November 24th ? Or getting beaten by UTEP next week ? Frankly, I don’t see Wisconsin as an actual power program of the BIG10 this season. Every season they fail to meet the expectations.

Wyoming (FBS MWC) 22 - 24 Cal Poly (FCS Big Sky)

I don’t know what to think about Wyoming football program. Winless this year ?, I think. I even think Idaho will beat them next week (yes, the same Idaho team which was crushed by LSU). No energy, no pride, no fighting spirit and no wins at all.

Hawaii (FBS MWC) 54 - 2 Lamar (FCS Southland)

Nothing interesting in this game… Except the end. Why Hawaii special team coach thought about going for a 2 point conversion on their last TD ? Lamar returned it and scored their only 2 points of the game. This play will belong to the hall of shame this season.

Kentucky (FBS SEC) 31 - 32 Western Kentucky (FBS Sun Belt)

What an upset !!! Hopefully I didn’t bet anything on this game, I would have lost anyway. This is the first WKU win against a BCS conference opponent. Let’s see next week against Southern Mississippi, I’m curious to see how WKU players will perform.

See you next week !!