Aug. 27, 2013


A quick article about imapsync, a great tool when we need to move emails from server to another.

This tool has switched license and it costs 50€ now. The developer asked the Debian project to remove imapsync package from its repository. Imapsync is not under a personal license (created by the developer) which permit to do whatever you want with the source code only if you bought it.

So somebody created a github repository which contains the last version.

To install it under Debian Wheezy, you need git and some perl libraries. This aptitude command will help you installing all the prerequisites (you need to launch it as root)

Then, the installation :

The use is simple : : imapsync –host1 oldmx.domain.tld –user1 jojothefrite@domaine.tld –password1 verysecurepasswordwithalotofdifferentchartypes –host2 newmx.domaine.tld –user2 jojothefrite@domaine.tld –password2 verysecurepasswordwithalotofdifferentchartypes

On my servers, it ran at about 5 mail by second, and 8 hours were need to transfer 125000 emails. And during this operation, you can receive and read new mails on your new mailbox.